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04-02-12, 06:10 AM

It‚??s official (http://www.opcapita.com/news/Announcement-of-the-sale-of-GAME-UK). GAME, the UK‚??s biggest high street retailer of games, is saved. GAME, and Gamestation, will continue on, and 3,200 jobs secured. This is thanks to the company‚??s being purchased by Baker Acquisitions and OpCapita, recent owners of Comet. That‚??s good news for those who stay, which will include a ‚??small number‚?? of head office staff, previously made redundant, but little comfort to the 2,100 who lost their jobs, and are still facing not receiving redundancy payments. 277 stores haven‚??t survived the ordeal, but the new owners say there will be no further closures.

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