View Full Version : Happy As Larry: Al Lowe On Remaking His Classic Game

04-10-12, 10:50 AM

As infamous adventure creator Al Lowe (http://allowe.com/) puts it, the Kickstarter craze kicked off by Tim Schafer has, for many, been a lot like getting the band back together. So many names most famous for their games released in the 80s and early 90s are reappearing, some even coming out of retirement, with the promise of crowd-sourced funding. Many, stung by their experiences with publishers in the past, are being wooed back in, and not least among them is Al Lowe. Creator of Leisure Suit Larry, and a programmer on many of the classic Sierra adventures, Lowe hasnā??t released a game since 1996, purported to have been in retirement since ā??98. Heā??s popped up here and there since, and continues to send out jokes (http://www.allowe.com/cyberjoke/index.php) every day to his loyal mailing list, but at 65 years old heā??s officially back, and thereā??s a Kickstarter to prove it (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1451923705/make-leisure-suit-larry-come-again). We spoke to Lowe, and colleague Paul Trowe (http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,5669/), a man who began his gaming career at 12, play-testing for Sierra, to find out why they think now is the time to remake the Larry games.

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