View Full Version : 295.40 causes X server to fail

04-16-12, 05:22 AM
After installing version 295.40 of nvidia driver on a Sun Ultra 27 with Quadro FX 380 graphics card, the X server fails with the following messages:

$ tail -25 /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old
[32] -1 0 0x0000dc00 - 0x0000dcff (0x100) IX[B]E
[33] -1 0 0x0000ec00 - 0x0000ec7f (0x80) IX[B](B)
[34] 0 0 0x000003b0 - 0x000003bb (0xc) IS[B]
[35] 0 0 0x000003c0 - 0x000003df (0x20) IS[B]
(II) Setting vga for screen 0.
(++) NVIDIA(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 32
(==) NVIDIA(0): RGB weight 888
(==) NVIDIA(0): Default visual is TrueColor
(==) NVIDIA(0): Using gamma correction (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TwinView" "1"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "MetaModes" "DFP-0: nvidia-auto-select +0+0, DFP-1: nvidia-auto-select +1920+0"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TwinViewXineramaInfoOrder" "DFP-0"
(**) Apr 13 14:32:42 NVIDIA(0): Enabling 2D acceleration
(EE) Apr 13 14:32:54 NVIDIA(0): The NVIDIA kernel module does not appear to be receiving
(EE) Apr 13 14:32:54 NVIDIA(0): interrupts generated by the NVIDIA GPU at PCI:3:0:0.
(EE) Apr 13 14:32:54 NVIDIA(0): Please see Chapter 7: Common Problems in the README for
(EE) Apr 13 14:32:54 NVIDIA(0): additional information.
(EE) Apr 13 14:32:54 NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device!
(II) UnloadModule: "nvidia"
(II) UnloadModule: "wfb"
(II) UnloadModule: "fb"
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.

Fatal server error:
no screens found

This happens after the first log out. That is, X starts when the system is first booted and a user can log into GUI and use it all day. But once the user logs out, X fails and only a console log in is possible. Has anyone else seen this? Is there any workaround other than installing an older version of the nvidia driver? Thanks.