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04-16-12, 06:30 AM

You heard it here first (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/10/replay-trying-to-bring-back-space-quest-kings-quest/), and now itā??s definitely happening. Space Quest developers Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy have announced (http://guysfromandromeda.com/) they will be working on a new project, and thereā??s a video to go with it. Itā??s a peculiar one. A very peculiar one, seemingly recorded by Skype and animated from photographs. And most surprisingly, Mark Crowe is involved, having previously ruled himself out. Replay Games had talked about trying to restart the franchise, by combining Scott Murphy with Space Quest VI developer Josh Mandel, already working at the studio. However, thereā??s no immediate implication that this is to do with Replay, rather being announced as a project by the Two Guys From Andromeda. Oh, and most strange of all? So far thereā??s no mention of a KickStarter.

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