View Full Version : Witcher 2 Devs On ‚??Adult‚?? Games, Extending Endings

04-17-12, 07:20 PM

Witcher 2, you seem different somehow. Did you get a haircut? Have you been working out? Are you pregnant with a future barbershop owner who will also be a professional body-builder? No? Well then, color me stumped. Unless‚?¶ no way. Is today the launch of your Enhanced Edition (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/17/the-witcher-2-is-now-the-witcherest-of-all/), which has been heralded incessantly by a procession of myths, prophecies, and, like, a million trailers? Truly astounding. I jest, however, because I love, and I certainly can‚??t complain about gobs of free fixes and content. But what about an altered ending (yes, just like that one thing) and general¬*acceptance of ‚??mature‚?? content in the gaming industry? Are these things worthy of my trusty torchfork, the latest in pitchfork, torch, and duct tape technology? I spoke with CD Projekt Red managing director Adam Badowski to find out.

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