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09-12-02, 04:04 PM
I'm now using 2 Kingmax 256 DDR @ 333Mhz = 512MB, but I don't sastify with those Kingmax coz I can not set CL to 2, what should I buy??? 2*256 or 1*512 megs, and what label should I buy??? Crucial, Samsung or any others??? my budget is limited, thanks.

09-12-02, 04:17 PM
If you're main concern is getting CAS2 settings...you can get away with a good module from Mushkin or Corsair. Here you can find a good Mushkin PC-2400 CAS2 module at newegg for $84.....a Geil PC-2700 CAS2 for $78. In my mind, it's worth spending a bit more and getting a faster module.

If you're planning on overclocking, you have fewer choices...You'll likely have better results from 256MB sticks...They seems less finicky to high FSB settings than the larger sticks...

Here, your best bet is either genuine Samsung, Corsair XMS, or even Geil. ( PC-3200 - PC3500 ) ( $90-110 )

( I'll be trying to find the best stick of memory here in a few weeks...look to see top modules from Corsair and Geil compared )


09-13-02, 12:37 AM
Looking into memory, all the reports I've read have shown again and again that Corsair is much, much better memory than Geil (gets terrible ratings) and Xtreme DDR (gets only good ratings by comparison). Usually, they do comparisons with Corsair XMS C2 memory and at the end of the comparison say go with Corsair as its reputation is well-deserved.

And if I were you (and I am since I have some being sent), I'd go Corsair Platinum XMS rather than just XMS.

09-13-02, 09:15 AM
all the reports I've read have shown again and again that Corsair is much, much better memory than Geil (gets terrible ratings)

I've had a few people say some bad things about Geil....although I have yet to read a single negative article.....I'm not sure about their modules other than the PC-3500....but all the reviews of that module seem to be overly positive...

I'll have top sticks from Geil and Corsiar here in a few weeks and I'll be throwing everything in the book at them...Of course, I'll be sharing the results....


09-13-02, 04:54 PM
In short, I have less than $120 for 512 MB RAM, what is resonable??? of course I need speed and OC also, what is to be considered best choice???

09-13-02, 05:02 PM
I hear that Samsung PC 2700 DDR 512MB is at about $117 (or a little bit more) is that kind of RAM in good quality? and may that be accepted by normal OCers? (not hard core), please help me thanks!

09-13-02, 06:49 PM
Under $120 for 512MB of any DDR?

That's gonna be tough to do...looks like Samsung is the way to go.....maybe look in the "For Sale" section of some forums.....I've seen gsome great deals on Corsair and Mushkin memory...

Good luck...


09-14-02, 01:55 AM
Yeah, I just paid $162.62 for a 512 Meg Stick of PC3200 Winbond DDR. Is that a good brand for memory by the way? That cost more than my msi motherboard and case and 500W Power supply, heck, it almost cost as much as my 2.4 Ghz Pentium 4. But once I can put it all together all the money that I spent building this computer is gonna be worth it.....:D Week after next it should all be done. Stupid backorders.....:(

09-14-02, 07:58 AM
I want to get ahold of a single 512MB PC3200-capable stick from Corsair, since those beasts can go up to a 200MHz clock. And since everybody says good stuff about Corsair, that's the only memory I intend to buy.

09-14-02, 11:44 AM
I just snagged 2 256MB sticks of Corsair CAS2 PC3200 ( nForce2 can utilize twin-banks, so I went for 2 modules ).

I can't wait to see what this memory can do....although I still plan on getting ahold of some Geil PC3500 to compare with the Corsair.

As for Winbond...I've heard some great things about that memory...so it looks as though you got a good deal....Good luck, let us know how it works...


09-15-02, 05:01 PM
Another good place to look is the forums at www.forumoc.com (http://www.forumoc.com)

This site is just full to the brim with overclockers:D and from what I have read, 2*256 is better than 1*512 when you are going to overlock. Samsung and Corsair are about the 2 best brands I have seen in benchmarks and forums.