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04-20-12, 05:00 AM
http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/images/2012/04/intrusion2_screenshot_041.jpg (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/20/intrusion-2-trailer-fires-lighting-guns-while-riding-wolves/intrusion2_screenshot_041/)
Are games art? Can we authentically depict emotion in a virtual space? What is the meaning of Tetris? Can we read authenticity into the actions of Master Chief? If a tree falls in a forest and no oneā??s around to hear it, is it the Citizen Kane of games? Intrusion 2 (http://intrusion2.com/) attempts to answer precisely none of these important questions. Instead, itā??s a Metal-Slug-esque sidescroller, but with gorgeous physics-based animations and an oddly understated love of over-the-top insanity. Like, sure, thereā??s prominent trailer time given to dire wolf lightning gun jousting, but itā??s all so gloriously matter-of-fact. Also featured: grappling robots, chimeras with swords for tails, and a giant mech snacking on a steel bridge like itā??s corn on the very brittlest of cobs. Thereā??s an old demo (http://intrusion2.com/) on the gameā??s website if youā??re interested, but it hardly even gazes into the abyss of gleeful absurdity the new trailer so thoroughly plumbs. Find it after the break.

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