View Full Version : New Libra Platform version released

04-21-12, 12:10 PM
Libra Platform is a GPGPU-Heterogeneous Compute API and runtime environment available on Windows, Mac and Linux.*Libra Compute API offers performance portability and direct compute access via standard programming environments C/C++, Java, C# and Matlab to execute math operations on top of current and future compute architectures, including the latest GPUs, x86/x64 CPUs and with broad support for compute devices compatible with lowlevel specific APIs ?? OpenCL, CUDA, OpenGL and standard x86/x64 compute APIs.

Read more in the full announcement (http://gpgpu.org/www.gpusystems.com/doc/NewsReleaseGPGPU.pdf).

More... (http://gpgpu.org/2012/04/21/new-libra-version)