View Full Version : Dark Days: Torchlight II Opening Goes Bleak

04-21-12, 12:10 PM
It‚??s the weekend. I should have a perpetual grin plastered across my face as I skip down the street with cartoon birds fluttering in my wake. Instead, I‚??m feeling a bit like finding a corner with a shadow that‚??ll cover my face just so and gazing wistfully out a window. The cartoon birds are still invited, but this isn‚??t really their scene, you know? And who, pray tell, de-springed my step? Why, that‚??d be Runic, purveyor of whimsical hack ‚??n‚?? slash rainbow adventures and opening cut-scenes that kill everyone¬*- in lavish, faded-parchment-style 2D, no less, but my point still stands. At any rate, this new villain apparently packs quite the punch. Watch as he politely introduces himself ‚?? and then, somewhat rudely, does that whole murder thing ‚?? after the break.

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