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04-24-12, 07:30 AM

Every so often ‚?? let‚??s say twice a day ‚?? somebody calmly reminds me that I wrote about a game at some point in the past and have failed to revisit in order to see how things have changed. Guilty as charged. Oddly that hasn‚??t happened in regards to Running With Rifles (http://www.modulaatio.com/runningwithrifles/), the rather excellent indie squad shooter. It has more in common with Cannon Fodder than Call of Duty, but with a two-way battle that sways back and forth, the factions attempting to defend their own bases and launch attacks against their opponents‚??. It looks more pleasant now, with colours other than brown so that the fields of conflict don‚??t resemble the forlorn stains that indecorously decorate a broken man‚??s bedsit. Oh yeah, and there‚??s multiplayer too.

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