View Full Version : 5900 mouse lag at hi rez

09-12-03, 12:57 PM

the prob i'm having is that in any d3d games i get bad mouse lag at rez's over 1024. the framerates are still decent, its just the damn mouse is moving like its drunk. this happens regardless of my aa & af settings and even if i switch all the in-game settings to the lowest possible. i have the latest drivers for my graphics card / motherboard. also tried lowering the prerender limit to 1, this helped slightly but still lagging.any suggestions?

my specs:
a7n8x deluxe (nforce 2 chipset)
athlon 2700+ 2.16ghz
1gb RAM (266 mhz pc2100)
pny geforcefx 5900 pro 256mb @8x agp
hp optical mouse (usb)
400w power supply

09-12-03, 01:53 PM
Vsync :)

03-07-04, 10:06 AM
i got the EXACT same problem mate, and i tried vsync no vsync whatever..nothing helps. the higher the res, the more mouse lag. piece of **** nvidia, never had this with ATI

03-08-04, 09:41 PM
i tried all kind of diffrent drivers, and using Driver Cleaner 2.
cant get rid of the mouse+keyboard lag. this apperas when heavy gfx scenes appears in games. huuge mouse+key delay..so boring. guess ill get a radeon9xxx again..