View Full Version : Sniper Elite V2: how recklessly can you play?

04-24-12, 08:20 PM
The Sniper Elite V2 demo on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/63380) is a fine little taste of gory sharpshooting fun, but Iā??m afraid I havenā??t been playing it right. I assumed Iā??d be haunting the shadows of Berlin (http://youtu.be/-wJL544RcOU), stalking one or two soldiers at a time and waiting for mortar fire to cover my shots. Instead, the demo mostly features larger groups which I recklessly pelt with lead, giving away my position without a care. I can play it stealthier, but even on the hardest mode, it isnā??t necessary.

Iā??m eager to play the full gameā??the demo is already a rare bit of quality single-player sniping, and though itā??ll surely bother some, watching slow-mo X-ray kidney puncturing is 100 percent fine with me. What bothers me isnā??t gore; itā??s that Rebellion promises ā??the most realistic simulation of military sharpshooting yet available.ā?? Itā??s fun, but the demo hasnā??t convinced me that Sniper Elite V2 is a realistic simulation at all. It does simulate ballistics (gravity and wind speed), but it doesnā??t test my nerves: if I miss a shot, I stay in-scope and keep firing, and if I blow my cover and take a bullet, a bit of hidey-time heals me right up. Red Orchestra 2 seems to me like a much more realistic overall simulation.

Admittedly, though I may be a sniping nerd, an absolutely pure sniping sim might be too tedious to maintain more than a few hours of my interest. Still, Iā??d be happy to see V2 become a little more tactically challenging later on (and it definitely couldā??this is, of course, only a demo). What do you think? If you havenā??t played the demo, Iā??ve cut together bits of my playthough in the video above.

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