View Full Version : Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Is Watery, Grave

04-26-12, 08:10 AM

Aircraft carriers are odd and brilliant. I rarely think about them but the trailer for Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers (http://www.bit-composer.com/www_en/game.aspx?gameid=9fc2b3f0-f314-44a4-9e1e-de6e410eee32) just sent me into a tailspin of questioning. Who first had the idea to build mobile artificial islands that are, as I understand it, motels for murderous planes? Check in, fuel up, admire the cheesecake nose art on the 22ndā??s B-24s, then back to the business of battle. The Pacific was strewn with carriers, as well as the ruined parts of men and machines, and Air Conflicts has plotted a course to the heart of it. Trailer below.

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