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04-26-12, 11:00 AM
Linear ‚?? the devil word. Scourge of freedom, the antithesis of PC gaming, the ancient enemy of anyone who‚??s ever roamed the Zone or steered a Dragonborn across the mountains. Or so the purist spirit often believes. Is, the question hangs so very heavily, Dishonored a linear game?

Yes. At least in the sense that it is not an open world. It is a series of missions in a linear order, most if not all of which require you to eliminate a specific target or targets. That‚??s okay, though, because my understanding of the game ‚?? having seen it in action ‚?? has morphed from something like ‚??steampunk Deus Ex‚?? to ‚??magic Hitman‚??. In what I‚??ve just been shown of the game, the same mission is tackled in two very different ways, with yet more described. And yes, I thought it looked amazing.
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