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04-26-12, 07:00 PM

It‚??s only a matter of time before every game is released for free and not long after that, people will realise that in many cases that ‚??free to play‚?? aspect is a little like a shop not charging admittance. There may still be a bouncer on the door, his fists like cans of spam, checking that you have a stable internet connection before he lets you inside. Silent Hunter Online (http://us.silenthunteronline.com/) is free to play and the title suggests it has a preference for the connected consumer. Despite that, I‚??m intrigued because I‚??ve spent some of the most deliciously tense hours of my gaming life pretending to be the Atlantean captain of a submersible murder machine. Radar detects an irrelevant cinematic and more details in the depths below.

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