View Full Version : Hmm: Survarium‚??s Not What We Expected, Better?

04-27-12, 08:30 PM
So Survarium (http://survarium.com/ru/) ‚?? the pre-apocalpytic project that‚??s emerged from the ruins of STALKER 2 ‚?? is an MMOFPS. In spite of that, Vostok Games told us that it‚??s the STALKER franchise‚??s ‚??next evolutionary step (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/26/survarium-is-stalker-ideas-next-evolutionary-step/).‚?? The results of a recent Twitter Q&A session, however, have me wondering if fans will soon be cursing evolution in much the same way I do every time I remember that I don‚??t have wings, eagle vision, or every power conferred to honey badgers. Don‚??t get me wrong: a lot of this stuff sounds incredibly interesting and ‚?? at least, in my eyes ‚?? goes quite a way toward putting the ghost of STALKER at peace. There are, however, some major structural changes that you might find tough to swallow.

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