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04-28-12, 12:00 PM

Lewie‚??s away being fitted for birthday hats and I‚??m all alone in the Savy Tower this weekend. I wasn‚??t sure what to do with myself. I was racing the bargain-bots down the endless stairs when Lewie appeared to me in a text message. ‚??Tony (http://www.twitter.com/standardman), you should probably find cheap games‚?? he said ‚?? in an impressive hat ‚?? so here I am. If you are in London on May 4th, please do come celebrate five years of Savygamer, more details and daily deals are on SavyGamer.co.uk (http://www.savygamer.co.uk). Hats welcome.

In the bucket today: Syndicate (the fab one), Gratuitous Space Battles, Total War packs, Serious Sam 3 and, oh, all sorts.
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