View Full Version : NV30 35 are not Direct X 9 chips

09-13-03, 03:27 AM
..well, this is clear now like is clear that nVidia has to write a new driver revision (wrapper)for each DX9 game that comes on the market....
Everybody is bitching about the NV40, "NV40 will solve the problems, it will be an improvement.." but....hang on, what will happen to FX5800-5900 users when NV40 comes on the market...will their cards still be supported with drivers updates for new games????

09-13-03, 03:32 AM
Sorry, while there might be some "truth" to this statement, it's still obviously flamebait and :lame: :spam:

P.S. We haven't seen an official Det50 yet, so passing judgment before that is premature. Although it sounds more and more like Det50 is wishful thinking, but...