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05-01-12, 02:20 PM

I entirely forgot about Quake Live (http://www.quakelive.com/#!home), which is a strange to do. There‚??s often lamention around these parts that id‚??s Quakes and Dooms haven‚??t been entirely well-treated in recent years, and yet there is browser-based Quake III re-release Quake Live alive and well and I believe relatively popular. And free to play. If you‚??ve held off exploring the not-free elements until now, you have a chance to nose at it without cracking open that much-abused wallet. From now until May 6 2012, which by my maths is 312 years, 4 months and five days away, you can sample all the ‚??premium‚?? bits, bobs, modes and maps for no-pennies. If you‚??re already paying for premium or pro and God now I‚??m really confused subscriptions, you‚??ll get a code for one or two free weeks of free sub to apologise for the great unwashed hordes getting all up in your fancy-pants paid grill.
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