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05-01-12, 03:40 PM
I‚??ve always been a fan of the gag where a TV show or what have you spends ages building to something, only to air an absurdly quick segment and then roll the credits at blink-and-you‚??ll-miss-them-and-now-my-TV‚??s-a-time-space-vortex speed. I see what they‚??re doing there, even when I can‚??t physically see¬*what they doing there. With Skyrim‚??s Dawnguard DLC (http://www.bethblog.com/2012/05/01/dawnguard/), though, I think Bethesda just created the game announcement equivalent. After weeks of rumor-mongering, hinting, and teasing, the developer announced‚?¶ an announcement. We now have a name, that dashingly glowy-eyed face, and an assurance that it‚??s ‚??coming this summer to Xbox 360‚?≥ (which means one month after that for everyone else) and we can look forward to ‚??more details at E3.‚??

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