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05-03-12, 02:50 AM

[Sound of a doorbell ringing.] ‚??Hello there! Yes, I have a delivery for you, Mr, um, Hugh Mann.‚?? ‚??What? That can‚??t be right. I never ordered anything.‚?? ‚??No, no, I‚??m pretty sure you did. I couldn‚??t help but notice you‚??re having a parade out back. It‚??s very nice. Wouldn‚??t want anything unfortunate¬*to happen to it.‚?? ‚??Er, yeah. Anyway, I guess I‚??ll sign for this so you can go.‚?? [Gigantic rain cloud emerges from box and ravages¬*parade.] ‚??NOOOOOOOO.‚?? [Gabe Newell throws down his delivery cap and flees into a nearby alleyway, cackling maniacally.]

E3, ladies and gentlemen.

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