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05-03-12, 05:20 AM

I held out on using Origin until Mass Effect 3. I was immediately struck by the fact that there were precisely two tabs: ‚??my games‚?? and, of course, ‚??store.‚?? Even more striking, however, was the fact that EA‚??s little wallet-ruffling engine that could, well, couldn‚??t. Each time I tried to purchase ME3, I got booted by an incredibly vague error message. Eventually, I let out a quiet scream of resignation, left my house, and went on the prowl for reporters to punch. Then I realized I could just send a few of my own teeth flying, which really didn‚??t end up helping anything. So yes, my experiences with Origin haven‚??t exactly yielded sunshine, rainbows, or cheap dental bills. Are you in the same boat, or at least a nearby flotilla? Well then, slight consolation: after letting you languish for ages in life‚??s ancient-magazine-packed waiting room, EA‚??s finally calling you to the front desk.

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