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05-03-12, 10:10 PM
EVGA has unleashed their GeForce GTX 690 video card. By slapping two Kepler GK-104 chips on a single PCB, Nvidia have virtually raised Cthulu itself. The reviews linked below weave a tale of power and beauty intimately¬*conjoined, resulting in the world‚??s fastest single solution video card on the market today.

The 690 includes all the bells and whistles afforded a 600 series card. This entails new adaptive V-sync, FXAA and TXAA edge smoothing, GPU boost tech, Framerate Target, PCI-E 3.0, a new baked-in H.264 video encoder, Nvidia SMX engine and more. Heaped atop of that, the GTX 690 adds premium design and manufacturing logic to decrease power consumption and increase heat dissipation. This is achieved by combining a chrome plated aluminum frame with a liquid molded magnesium housing for the fan. The product of such mad science allows the GTX 690 to keep a modest wattage diet and run cooler than a dual 680 SLi setup. ¬*Now sitting on chrome, the pimped-out EVGA¬*GTX 690 is a veritable ‚??Shot Caller‚??!

This first outing from EVGA is a mirrored reference build with the promise of other more custom configs coming later. Those will include the already-announced ¬*‚??Signature‚?? ¬*edition and one other (probably a Classified version). This is what EVGA has to say about the GeForce GTX 690 dual graphics card.

Game-Changing Performance

Dual 1536 NVIDIA CUDA core GPUs (the world‚??s most powerful) combined into the world‚??s fastest graphics card. That‚??s 3072 CUDA cores, all working to deliver awesome gaming performance. NVIDIA GPU Boost technology maximizes clock speeds on both GPUs to push performance to new levels. Meticulously designed with robust power delivery and dual vapor chambers for extreme performance and overclocking without sacrificing acoustics. Enable massive firepower with NVIDIA Quad-SLI technology. Change your game. -EVGA.com

Review Roundup

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