View Full Version : Commandos3 demo... Aargh!

09-13-03, 11:55 PM
Commandos3 demo is very cool. Pretty much the same gameplay that made Commandos2 a classic, and an exceptional quality game. But... The game uses F9 to SAVE, where as most games use F9 to LOAD, so just after I have died, I instinctivly his SAVE and lose all my progress! Aargh!

If you havn't played Commandos2 (or 3) you are missing out.

So far the only difference I've seen technically is the 'indoor' view now appears to be 3D accelerated while the previous game rendered everything in software.

09-14-03, 09:49 AM
I loved the Commandos series. much fun. also that Desperads game :cool: