View Full Version : Have any of the big news networks picked up on this story?

09-14-03, 11:07 PM
This story has gripped most of the net. But I have not seen it in any newspapers.

I would think that a story of this magnitude would be somewhere in the news.

After all it could be the demise of a graphics giant. It may be that most news reporters and not tech savy.

Anyone have any links to news articles which talk about this fiasco?

09-14-03, 11:12 PM
It will be when Half-life2 comes out. :cool:

The Baron
09-14-03, 11:12 PM

here's where I put my "Are you on crack?" stare. yup, right here.

changing IQ in games is not newsworthy except to the game-playing communities. sorry.

and with that, thread closed, because it'll become a flamefest if I leave it open. And I am still in Angry Mod mode.

wooh for typos.