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09-13-02, 04:58 AM
Hi Folks:

I am currently using Det 40.XX driver, when I play games such
as Battlefield 1942 or Mafia, my screen will sometimes flash once in a while. It's hard to describe, but you can imagine there is a window pop up and disappear right away. It's very annonying, does anyone know how to solve this? Or does anyone have the same problem?

Note: this problem never appear when playing Warcraft III

Any help would be highly apprecitated!

09-13-02, 11:38 AM
go back to an earlier set of Dets, the 40s aren't ready for primetime...

09-13-02, 01:01 PM
Screen flash as in the screen goes white (or some other color), or screen flash as in the screen goes black (like the monitor loses its signal)?

I had a problem with the latter (the monitor losing signal) that turned out to be a refresh rate that was a bit too high (even though the monitor is supposed to support it). You might want to verify that your refresh rate is supported.

Oh, and try an older driver set, like the man said... :)


09-14-02, 03:16 PM
I've had this problem on two separate motherboards with these drivers. I also get this same problem in GTA3. Reverting to the 30.83 drivers fixes it every time. 30.83 drivers seem to run smoother in these games too. I dont care what 3DMark says. :)

09-15-02, 08:40 AM
Same here...I would recommend reverting back until the 40.41s are a bit more polished. You can always just live with the flash and wait for new dets too.

09-16-02, 10:48 AM
I suspect that the refresh rate being too high is more a factor of the vid card than the monitor. Perhaps you are tasking it too much? You know, what with fsaa and af and all the doodads turned on, while trying for 120 or 140 refresh?
I lock mine at 100.

09-17-02, 03:35 PM
Enabling V-Sync also solves the Problem for now.

I went back to the 31.00 Drivers and the problem is gone. Anyone know if the 31.00 are any good?

09-19-02, 06:22 AM
Yes, I get something like a single frame being drawn 'offset' so it starts perhaps halfway down the screen and completely misaligned. One program I ran the other day did it regularly.

As FastM says, turning VSync on seems to make the problem disappear. The 30.83 drivers don't exhibit this, in fact I'll make this statement:

The 40.41 drivers are faster than the 30.83 drivers, but are not as 'smooth'. Try playing UT2003 demo with both and you'll see what I mean.

09-19-02, 12:07 PM
Some have had success with stopping the flashing textures, in the 40.41 drivers, by disabling fastwrites in the bios.