View Full Version : Dishonored Release Date ‚??Set‚?? For October 9/12th

05-10-12, 09:40 AM

We may not be getting BioShock: Infinite this October, but stepping in to fill the gap is what ‚?? in my brain at least ‚?? occupies a similar space: Dishonored. It‚??s set to be released on the 12th October this year. Unless you‚??re in America, when it‚??s the 9th. Or Australia, where it‚??s the 11th. Really?

Wait, hang on, I made a rule (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/05/09/no-bioshock-infinite-this-year-for-you/) about this yesterday. No. It‚??s bound not to be coming out in October, because this is the first announced release date. Expect Dishonored some time in 2017.

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