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09-15-03, 01:22 PM
Well, I'd like to know wtf the Screen Refresh Rate does, and what levels are safe ....

Definately could use some help here to make games look better, and if this helps then maybe I should look into it... Currently I think I'm playing at 60hz in all my games... *No idea what that means, or how I would tell if I was actually running at that speed*

Anyways, could some "Refresh Rate Expert" show me the light please?!


09-15-03, 04:29 PM
I'm no "refresh rate expert" but here's what you've got to know :
Refresh rate is how many times your screen gets refreshed (is there any better way to say it ?) a second. Hence the Hz. So the higher the rate is, the more comfortable your eyes feel. Let's say a common human eye has a refresh rate of about 60 Hz (over simplified and as far as I can remember). Thus at a 60Hz screen refresh rate you may notice some flickering. So the higher your screen refresh rate is set the less flickering you see.
A low refresh rate may also limit your graphic card's performance. For example, if it renders a scene at 130 fps internally and your screen is set at 75 Hz, then you'll only play the scene at "75 fps".
The best way to get the highest refresh rates is to download your screen driver (use google : +"name of your screen" +driver +download) install it and then set all refresh rates to the maximum value allowed. Some video card drivers, like detonators, encounter some issues with XP and refresh rates settings. If you're in that case, then just use the refresh rate override utility in the control panel (advanced, name of your card, refresh rate override (or something)) or download a program like RivaTuner which allows you to set the max refresh rate for each resoluton.


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