View Full Version : New patch for Nascar racing 2003 by papy + CTS released

Red Dog
09-15-03, 07:27 PM

adds support for shadow volumes and advanced shaders in d3d.
Huge changelog, seems like a big update.


When using the DirectX D3D renderer Car shadows can now be rendered using Shadow Volumes on hardware that supports Stencil Buffers. This feature allows for more realistic car shadows that can be cast on walls. This feature also eliminate the "double-dark" shadows that would be seen when multiple car shadows overlapped. To enable this new feature, you will need to manually edit your PLAYER.INI, changing default "0" to a "1" as shown below:

[Graphic Options]
enable_ShadowVolumes=1 ; set to 1 to enable shadow volumes

When using the DirectX D3D renderer multi-pass rendering can now be made more efficient on cards with advanced shader capabilities. To enable this new feature, you will need to manually edit your PLAYER.INI, changing default "0" to a "1" as shown below:

[Graphic Options]
enable_CarMegaShader=1 ; set to 1 to enable advanced shaders where applicable


also, Craftsman truck series for n2k3 has been released.


09-15-03, 09:51 PM
If anyone tries these, let me know.

My brother is a big NASCAR Racing fan and Im sure he'd love to try these new features if they do anything cool :)

09-16-03, 06:06 PM

09-19-03, 12:39 PM
This is my ultimate racing game, there is just nothing out there right now even close to it realistcally.

I'm not particularly a racing game player but I was so impressed by this one that I bought a wheel/pedals and shifter just to play it. You want to be Bobby Labonte for awhile, this is the game to do it.

The patch gives the cars some shine (car mega shader) which looks really nice, adds to the realism. The shadows option I have not really been able to see much difference than the stock shadows and there is definitely a performance hit using it. The car mega shader is pretty much free (on my system anyway). The game takes a strong system to fully appreciate its potential. Right now with my system I run somewhere around 30 fps and up depending on how many cars are ahead of me. This is at 4X FSAA, 8X Aniso, the absolute maximum game settings (all shadows rendered) with all cars rendering in front and back and 100% view. If I use the patch shadows, it drops about 5 fps lower. The game readme says it needs a minimum 40 fps to run smooth. It actually runs smooth at 30 fps. But dropping into the 20s will definitely be felt.

Anyway, good game and good patch.

Red Dog
09-19-03, 07:58 PM
Man the trucks look awesome. I gotta paint some of them babies!

did you dl the trucks Mike?

this thread has some cool add ons,


Dave Hoffman's spotter is flat out awesome.
the racing groove's hi res cars look awesome as well featuring 1024x1024 textures.

I dled some cool carbon fiber tachs, red interior and bars, gsye pack, new billboards, etc.

Im gonna try this engine sound pack,


Red Dog
09-20-03, 10:00 AM

Check out the carbon fiber dash, its prob the best ive ever seen. awesome.

i like version 2