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05-18-12, 09:10 PM

Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage (http://www.gamepires.com/) is sort of a 3D Death Rally, or at least thatā??s what it looks like and thatā??s reason enough for me to be quite eager to see if thatā??s what it plays like. Customisable cars with guns on top drive around and pretend to race each other while actually only really caring about exploding one another. Itā??s out in just four days today if the press release that just landed is to be believed more than the official website. Apparently itā??s a ā??fast-paced addictive combat racing gameā??. A shame then that the trailer below spends two or three minutes adjusting its mirrors before actually igniting into anything that could be described as ā??fast-pacedā??.

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