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09-16-03, 10:24 AM
Well, the release process last week and over the weekend was pretty rocky. The community managed to get 500,000 accounts created and are currently seeing about 15,000 people playing Counter-Strike 1.6 at any given time. We know that the conversion process has been anything but smooth for many of our users. We're going to get this fixed. We've done our best to support the Half-Life community over the past 5 years, and we're still committed to doing whatever it takes to make the community happy. We've listened to the response, and we'll be repairing the problems with Steam until it performs the way we all want it to.


A least they can admit that steam is screwing up, they really must of underestimated the number of people their servers could handle.

09-16-03, 10:54 AM
They'd rather make it an option, in my opinon. I don't really like the whole steam thing. It just looks like a way to control their customers to me. I'd like to know to what extent Vivendi is implied in the Steam concept too.


09-16-03, 03:41 PM
Today I downloaded the humongous new CS 1.6 installation (~380MB), installed it, then i knew why everyone hates STEAM and, worse of all, it doesn't even work for me. F U VALVE

09-16-03, 04:01 PM
Well, I just downloaded steam. It crashed once, but after that it worked fine. I downloaded the one with CS in it already (Wanted a game to test steam out on), and it was pretty cool (steam, not CS). I really like how the steam menus are intergrated with the game, and steams server browser is way better then Half-Lifes bulit in one. Once steam is working like it should, its going to rock.

09-16-03, 09:48 PM
I can crank it up to 1940x1440 with steam. It looks decent at that res. :)
(yes my monitor does run that safely@72hz)

09-17-03, 12:18 AM
The problem with this whole thing is the fact that people don't remember or don't know the history behind Valves releases for counter strike and steam.

When steam first handled 1.6 beta, it was a nightmare, just as it is now. I had to do so much .cfg changes and tweaking it wasn't even funny, just to play a new version of aztec, have a dumb blast shield, & two new weapons that I prolly wouldn't use. Oh, yah... and two ton of lags and crashes.

Before that , when 1.4 came out, that was a pain in the butt too. Especialy for the admins ( that would be me ). There were so many issues right off the bat , it wasn't even funny. Most of it was server side that had to be patched to stop the constant crashing.

With each one of their releases ( 1.4 , 1.5 , steam /w 1.6 beta and now with 1.6 release ) its been a pain. They don't have enough bandwidth , and mirrors for their download in the first place. Its always been a pain to get the files, and once you get it d/l , you have to deal with any issues that come up. As you can see now, Steam has been been going throught a seizure as it eats itself under the bugs and stress of having the majority of the counter strike community trying to get it all at once.

You'd think they would see this in advance, and learn from the past and work on making this a smooth transition. No, they haven't done that , and now they have quite a few people pretty pissed. Not just because of the bugs and issues, but because of how the community sees 1.6. Its kind of a joke and a novelty, and now there is a new exploit with the blast shields where you can fire your pistol while having the blast shield in front of you.

I don't know.. I'm kind of pissed about this from seeing the miles of text about people bitching about Steam , and trying to find solutions to their problems. I dunno.. i just wish they would of thought these things out.

hehe / end rant I guess

Good luck to all that download it...

-- jolt

09-17-03, 01:03 AM
key words

Beta game

Beta software

09-17-03, 03:08 AM
Originally posted by Headbust
key words

Beta game

Beta software

It't not supposed to be beta anymore :p They've been beta testing Steam and CS1.6 for 6 months at least!

09-17-03, 04:09 AM
I've been using steam all day without any problems at all. When steam works like its supposed to, it kicks ass. There is just one major thing I hate about steam, Natural Selection doesn't work with it yet.

09-17-03, 04:47 AM
Whats the dize of the steam client with all the cache on your HD?
When I tried the beta it created around 800MB cache files. When I deleated them, steam just created them again :mad:
When I've uninstalled it, it was 1.4GB

09-17-03, 06:11 AM
Total size of my steam folder is 1.08Gigs. I have Counter-Strike 1.6 (Came with steam), TFC, Deathmatch Classic, Ricochet, and normal Half-Life deathmatch.

09-18-03, 01:27 PM
Originally posted by mrsabidji
They'd rather make it an option, in my opinon. I don't really like the whole steam thing.

Yup, just watch, a year from now everyone will be using steam (because we will all need it to play HL2 and its mods). Then steam will announce that their software will require a $50 monthly subscription fee to use.

09-18-03, 03:16 PM
Originally posted by DaveW
Yup, just watch, a year from now everyone will be using steam (because we will all need it to play HL2 and its mods). Then steam will announce that their software will require a $50 monthly subscription fee to use.

And then I will tell Valve where they can stick their steampipe and stop buying games that need a subscription.

I can understand the reason's for the sake of running servers (e.g. bandwidth/equipment cost), but, it seem's like they're trying to get us to subscribe for everything. Here in UK the digital satellite TV provider Sky has a set top box you can buy with integrated Hard Disc recorder. Great feature etc, but you have to pay 10 extra on top of your regular subscription to use what is basically a video recorder. They are changing it by allowing people subscribed to the premium channels to not have to pay, but if you don't want to subscribe to the premium channels you're screwed. :mad: