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05-21-12, 06:30 AM

Seems a trifle odd to be saying this given 2009‚?≤s foremost angry internet man-generator was the perceived too-soon release of a sequel to Left 4 Dead, but Valve‚??s zombathons seem to me to have been left a little fallow of late. Team Fortress 2‚?≤s ongoing transformation into QVC, Portal 2‚?≤s awards-hogging and fever-pitch speculation about Half Life has been the order of the day for the last couple of years. You could ‚?? aheh- say that Left 4 Dead has been ‚?? aheh ‚?? left for dead. Aheh-heh-heh. Just my little joke, there.

Something is suddenly stirring, however (editor‚??s note ‚?? I really need more elegant alternatives to ‚??however‚?? and ‚??though‚??, which I know full well are often seen to be cludgy writing. Suggestions?), and it comes not from Valve, but from Payday: The Heist devs and recent Starbreeze acquisition (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/19/starbreeze-smash-and-grab-payday-devs/) Overkill.
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