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05-21-12, 12:00 PM

Back in February 2008 when Kieron first wrote that Gearbox were working on an Aliens game (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2008/02/21/how-many-combat-drops-38-simulated/), you‚??d have had to be the sort of maniac who believes Prometheus (http://www.prometheus-movie.com/) is a sensible name for a hubris-invoking scientific expedition to propose that the game wouldn‚??t be released until February 2013. Today, any such maniacs can be released from the padded cells that hold them because it turns out they were right all along and it‚??s the rest of us who are mad for not invoking The Walker Principle (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/05/14/tomb-raider-jumps-misses-slips-into-2013/) with enough gusto. Randy Pitchford has today taken to the airwaves and declared that Colonial Marines (http://www.sega.co.uk/alienscolonialmarines/?t=EnglishUK) will be released on February 12, 2013. There‚??s also a new trailer to get you all excited about something that is happening more than a half a year from now.

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