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Rampant CL
09-16-03, 07:28 PM
Right guys. In my new dorm in the place known as york university, they keep the heating on a fair bit (or the cooling really low) and as such my video ram has a tendancy to overheat.

Since the room temp is relatively high and ive already got 2 cooling case fans in im looking for an alternative but cost effective solution to aid with the cooling.

Any ideas?

(ive already sent someone to buy an electric fan for now, but i need something more permanent)

The Baron
09-16-03, 08:35 PM
Hmmm... doesn't the heatsink on the 5800 cover the RAM?

If not, ramsinks--if so... uhhh... watercooling.

Rampant CL
09-17-03, 01:52 AM
There are heatsinks, but its running insanely hot...

and watercooling?? Not really cost effective, but maybe jut a cheap kit only to cover the ram or something. Ill look into it.

09-17-03, 01:55 AM
Wow, the only thing i could say is fans, possibly on the side of your case poitning toward your video card?

My computers are are on the second floor bonus room, and it gets hot here (not worth it to air condition the only room ont he second floor), anyways, my P4 runs around 31-35c in the winter 41-55c in the summer heh.

Rampant CL
09-17-03, 01:57 AM
I already have a nice window with uv applique on it, so there really isnt space at the mintue. However, i have found some small water cooling kits, not very expensive, and with custom plates in a shop nearby, so im going to check that out.

The Baron
09-17-03, 09:37 AM
Well... if you've got the standard heatsink on the 5800 and two case fans, something might be wrong with your case fan config. Then again, it IS early DDR2, so ramsinks/water cooling is a necessity.

Rampant CL
09-17-03, 11:07 AM
Theres nothing wrong with my fans, theyre cleaned every 3 months and theyve worked fine for the last year

09-18-03, 11:48 AM
I've had thoughts before of building a pc in one of those little dorm refridgerators, coooool, huh

09-18-03, 11:56 AM
I was thinking of checking out one of these (http://www.computeractive.co.uk/Products/Hardware/1143344).

Not a cheap solution, but it sure looks neat and it would probably work well in a warm environment. :)

Rampant CL
09-18-03, 01:12 PM
That does look good,

ill se if i can find a lower price anywhere nearby/online

09-18-03, 01:31 PM
Originally posted by Rampant CL
That does look good,

ill se if i can find a lower price anywhere nearby/online
Please let me know if you do, I've always wanted to get into peltiers and that thing looks pretty sweet. :)

The Baron
09-18-03, 02:37 PM
Where's Pelly? He's the Crazy Engineer, he might have an idea or three.

09-18-03, 03:00 PM
Originally posted by The Baron
Where's Pelly?
Not at [H]. :lol:

The Baron
09-18-03, 03:07 PM
Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Not at [H]. :lol:
Heh. Maybe he's getting ready for the wedding. Maybe we should buy him a present? :p

Rampant CL
09-18-03, 05:40 PM
Its sold by thermaltake as the sub zero 4g... still searching

Rampant CL
09-19-03, 01:29 PM
ARG!! **** **** **** TRIPLE ****

I found what was wrong. Its not the grphics card ram, its the regular ram!!

I tried everything to stop the random crashed becasue of the suppsoed overheating of the vram, but then i took out a gig of ram andleft only one chip in and it worked fine!

Damn, so now i need to find which one of the 2 removed hips is causing problems. Ill use memtest, unless someone can suggest something better.

At least they have a lifetime warranty, so thats good.

Oh, still no luck on the 4g cooler. The cheapest ive found is about 75 pounds with tax in the uk.

09-19-03, 01:58 PM
Hey bro, I think it's time for that Prometia cooler!! :D