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09-17-03, 12:02 PM
Ok, i bought an Audigy 2 couple of days ago. Got it installed everything went smoothly. GREAT!

Then yesterday i noticed that my mp3's basically sounded crap compared to my old card. Fortissimo 2. I knew that it was because i had set up the built in EQ on that card. So i went in search of the Audigy 2 EQ, which i found while setting it up the EQ crashed and basically just b0rked the whole EAX part of the card. Now it seemed that EAX was brokenon the card, so i went to uninstall the drivers and creative programs.

The uninstaller crashed during the uninstall. Surprise Surprise. Now im left with no creative programs for speaker setup etc. and i cant install them again because the installer thinks they are already installed. I have tried re-running the uninstaller, it just crashes.

So now im left with Audigy 2, which works but has non of the setup programs and i have no chance in re-installing them.

My only hope is doing a manual uninstall, this is where you guys come in :). How exactly would i go about it, is there any programs for registry i could use. Or anything to force the Installshield to install.

Thanx in advance

09-17-03, 01:45 PM
I had a similar problem. First try and do a auto update on the site. The way I fixed my problem though was by unistalling my card from the hardware panel (but I guess you dont have to do this). I then deleated the whole creative folder in programs. I then just installed everything again and everything went smooth. I didnt have any problems with the registry file, I think it just over wrote them.


09-17-03, 02:08 PM
Thank you for the help, but about 2 mins before your reply i figured it out :D.


Well i figured out that the reason it wasnt allowing me to install it was because of a temp file, so i deleted all temp files. No luck.

Then i found a folder called 'InstallShield Installation Information' and deleted everything in it. ;)

Hey presto it works, now im all installed and happy :).

Thank you for the help.

09-17-03, 03:36 PM
What was your impression between the two cards.


09-17-03, 03:50 PM
hmm, well i really liked the fortissimo 2. nice card. However lacking some features which i needed. The main one being ASIO drivers. The sound quality is very nice on the audigy, in music and mp3's its completely unnoticible between the too. For me it was worse, but thats only because i had setup the EQ with the fotissimo. Now i have the Audigy sounding just as good. One thing that is very noticible is game sound. I ran Call of Duty Demo with the EAX3 effects and it sounded amazing. Ive never heard EAX effects but they are pretty cool.

Thats about all i can say about it, ow recording quality is great too.

09-17-03, 10:28 PM
If you ever have similar problems dont forget windows SafeMode. Boot up in safe more to un-install devices/drivers properly.