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05-29-12, 05:30 PM

In response to our various sightings of Crysis 3, the RPS stronghold is currently flying these flags: blue with green braiding, taupe with a cyan crucifix and burple with vibrant lavender thistle emblems. And we all know what that says about our opinions on Crytek‚??s next shooter. Even as we debate the openy worlidiness or lack thereof of Prophet‚??s latest alien-hectoring rampage, it‚??s worth keeping in mind that Crytek have, by and large, been good for game technology. Crysis 3 brings assorted updates to Cryengine 3, but it‚??s the Rig of Rods team that are demonstrating (http://beamng.com/) some rather tasty soft body (missus) physics that they‚??ve pulled off in the new version of the engine. The below is unfinished footage of an unnamed vehicular game, and it‚??s just about the best pretend car-crumpling and wobbly suspension I believe I‚??ve ever seen.
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