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More info about the hardware...

Abit KT7, KT133 (non-a)chipset. The motherboard is a 100mhz FSB system, with a 133mhz memory bus. It features 2 ATA 66 ports, 1 AGP 4x, 4 PCI and 1 ISA. 3 Memory slots. Jumperless bios provides FSB adjustment, CPU ratio adjustment, and CPU Voltage settings, as well as a whole slew of other features/settings including many memory, PCI and AGP settings.
Memory speed can be run either at only Host speed (FSB speed) or Host + PCI (FSB speed + 33mhz).

This board has done an easy 110 FSB (pretty amazing for this chipset) with the memory being sold with it. Note that if you use an AGP card, to achieve this speed on the FSB you have to disable AGP 4x (instead use 2x). Could probably go a *wee* bit further.

The CPU is a 100mhz FSB compatible, 1.1ghz Athlon Thunderbird. Default volts is 1.750. Has hit 1.3ghz with only a .25 bump in voltage (pretty close to the max I would assume).

The memory is really the bright spot. 256mb OCZ Performance PC150 CAS2. With full Cas2 and turbo setting timings and all the other memory settings in the bios set to max speed, this baby has hit 150mhz no problem. Scores of 650 ALU, 620 FPU on Sandra memory bench (non MMX/SSE enhanced mode) with a 110 FSB and the memory bus being run at Host + PCI, Cas2/Turbo/Ect.

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You got e-mail!

Edit: Bah, just re-read your description. Everything looks good.