View Full Version : What Causes nForce2 Boards To have crackle in Speakers?

09-18-03, 06:11 AM
My NF7-s 1.1 has started having a crackling sound coming out of the speakers since I installed the 45.33 Dets. A coincidence?? It doesn't happen all the time, just once in awhile.

09-18-03, 08:28 AM
Generally it's due to the nForce drivers (and EAX doesn't help much either). Which driver version are you using? The latest reference driver set (2.45) has virtually eliminated the crackling problem on my rig (I used to get crackling sound problems in ALL Ubi games like Raven Shield, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, and also in Enter the Matrix).

Also, head on over to nForcersHQ (http://www.nforcershq.com) and check out their audio forums. There's a TON of information on audio crackling issues (some driver-related, others hardware related).


09-18-03, 08:56 PM
Where can I get the 2.45 reference driver?

09-18-03, 09:31 PM

In the "Download Drivers" section

09-19-03, 05:25 AM
yeh its generally the drivers of nvidia, its too bad there turning out like this......nforcershq is a great forum for help, i elimated my sound problems by installing the 2.45 drivers and also putting a heatsink and fan on my southbridge.....