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druga runda
09-18-03, 08:04 AM
Just read the LAMEST review of this game, (actually a really lame score) the review itself is not so negative that's what made me search for more and not just this gamespot review from news pages here... The PC IGN review is much more positive about the game, and so are gamer reviews on Gamespot...

And I think this game could be really great...

Apparently a FPS with a RTS style commander who can command human FPS players in the game and NPC's in his own team. Plus it is structured like an RTS so you are actually like a peasant or warrior in a RTS fighting against the other team... :eek:

Well it sounds like a dream come true for online team based shooters...

anyone tried it yet and how much is it in the UK?

druga runda
09-18-03, 12:42 PM
can be bought here



I have to say that I am suprised... it seems like a US release only in the shops... and as the game is MP only, I can not really see a point of buying it in UK... dunno hopefully it will catch on as it sounds like a really good concept...

just to add


that was commander mode

and this is the normal human player mode


looks :afro:

09-18-03, 03:40 PM
That's awesome. If you're the commander you're essentially playing a strategy game, and when you're a peasant - like a first person shooter and you're one of the units the commander controls. :eek:

09-19-03, 01:31 AM
I think I would have been much more impressed by the FPS/RTS gameplay if Natural Selection hadn't done it a year ago. This game still might be interesting, but after playing NS it'll be hard to go to another FPS/RTS game, especilly considering how suprisingly well Natural Selection did it for a Half-life mod.

druga runda
09-19-03, 05:31 AM
apparently one of the differences is that now you have 2 commanders slogging it out and at the end it's a bit different - bows & arrows :cool:

I guess both have their merits apart from NS being free if you already have HL... but this is a first proper commercial attempt

I bet there will be more coming...

I am interested though...

there was a comparison thread on the S2 forum between NS and Savage... well I guess it is the same genre (or only two games in there that I know of) but quite different the way the game works.
And the game should be officially publised in europe at the end of the month even though everyone can download it already...

09-19-03, 07:52 AM
Yeah, just from the look of it I could tell they were different styled games, but the basic gameplay is very similar. It's just that Savage seems to be more like Warcraft, whereas NS is something more like Starcraft or C&C. Oh, and actually there will be a Commander vs. Commander mode in NS (just have both teams be Marine), but they haven't quite worked out all the bugs in it yet so they're fixing it up first. They also say Alien vs. Alien would be possible, but that would be very strange...

09-19-03, 10:18 AM
I've never played NS, but the concept is similar to Allegiance if any of you guys have played that one.