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09-18-03, 11:44 AM
Since we've already got a thread going for video cards, why not for the PC itself? :)

I'll start it off:

1) 8088/10MHz system (EGA, 640K RAM)
2) 80486DX/33MHz system (VGA, 8MB RAM)
3) 80486DX/50MHz system (VGA, 8MB RAM)
4) Pentium 133MHz system (Voodoo Rush, 64MB RAM)
5) Pentium II 266MHz system (Permedia II, 256MB RAM)
6) Pentium III 850MHz system (GF4 Ti4600, 512MB RAM)
7) Pentium IV 2.53GHz system (Radeon 9700 Pro, 1GB RAM)

The biggest leap for me in tangible performance increase was the jump, err leap, from the 8088 to the 486DX. A close second was going from the P3 to the P4 (w/3x clock speed).

09-18-03, 12:22 PM
1) Commodore 64 - need I say more?
2) Compaq 486 SX/33, 4 mb RAM, later upgraded to 486 DX/100 and 12 mb RAM. Back in the day, RAM was so expensive we traded a weekend at our vacation home for an 8 mb upgrade :eek:
3) Compaq PII 400, 96 mb RAM, integrated graphics, sound, NIC and no AGP slot. In spite of its Compaq-ness I loved this little computer. I upgraded that thing about as much as one could expect for a computer that only had 2 PCI slots. One was for my Voodoo Banshee (later Voodoo3, Voodoo4 and GF2 MX) and the other was for my Aureal Vortex 2 (where my friends and I experienced EAX for the first time). I was able to use the integrated LAN on my school network, and I had a 15-inch NEC monitor which is still sitting in my parents' basement.
4) My first self-built PC: Athlon 850, Abit KT7A, 256 mb RAM, GeForce2 Ultra. The day I built this machine was the exact day the power supply blew out on my preview Compaq. I later upgraded the processor to 1.2 GHz and performed my first overclocking experiment. I was able to get that CPU up to 1.4 GHz, and I later put a GeForce3 in that machine. That was an absolutely kick *** gaming rig at the time.
5) AthlonXP 1800+, Abit KR7A-RAID, 512 mb RAM was the core, I upgraded components around this system for over a year
6) And my present machine, with the specs in my sig

Next computer likely will be a Pentium 4, or if I wait a little longer I'll probably pick up an Athlon 64.

09-18-03, 12:34 PM
1) pong machine
2) apple ii
3) apple iie
4) 8088..something
5) 286 1mb? FDD
6) 486 4MB, Cirruslogic card
7) P II 233, alx440, 64MB sdram, Riva 128
8) AMD K6 400 cheap ass via mobo, 128MB, Tnt
8) PIII 850 Intel dea815, mobo128MB, TNT2U
9) AMD Athlon 1.2GHz, KT133A, 256MB, gf2MX
10) AMD Althlon XP 2100+, Athlon XP 1900+, MSI KT400 and Asus KT333 mobo, 512MB and 256MB,, GF4 4200, GF 2Pro
11) AMD Athlon XP 2800+, Abit NF7-S v2, 1GB geil ddr 400, 9700Pro, 17" LCD etc

:p ...thats just a summary .i cannot remember all parts...


09-19-03, 05:18 AM
01) Amstrad 2086 (8086 8MHz 640KB)
02) Amstrad 486SLC 33MHz (SLC means it's basically a modified 286)
03) 486 DX4 100MHz ( used to eat a P60 for breakfast and a P75 for dinner ;) ) EDO
04) Cyrix 166+ :D 32MB SD66
05) K6-2 233MHz @266MHz ASUS mobo 64MB SD100
06) P3 500 @610MHz ASUS mobo 128MB SD133
07) Athlon 900MHz ASUS KT133A 256MB SD133
08) Athlon XP 2000+ MSI KT3U2 512MB PC2100
09) soon to come Athlon XP 2500+ @3200+ 512MB Corsair PC3200, don't know which mobo yet :)

I also recently acquired a 386sx 20MHz I'm gonna mod into a DX40 and an Amiga 600 which just needs a new floppy-disk drive. I'm working on a P166 too, but it needs an AT PSU and it's way less fun (edit : to play with than the other two).


edit #2: corrected some silly mistakes...

09-19-03, 08:21 AM
1) Apple II+ (with an processor in the kHz!)
2) IBM 386 SX-25 MHz with 2MB RAM
3) AMD 486DX2-80 MHz with 8MB RAM
4) AMD 486DX4-120 MHz with 16MB RAM
5) Pentium Pro 200 MHz (OC'd to 233) with 32MB (later 64 MB) RAM
6) Athlon Thunderbird 700 MHz with 128 MB RAM
7) The rig in the sig...


The Baron
09-19-03, 08:26 AM
A TI-99, I believe, was my first computer. A badass machine simply because it, in its little tiny case, weighed more than my current computer (you know, the one in the steel Antec case).

Next? Amiga 500. With a hard drive. Fo' Shizzle, Nizzle.

After that... nothing for a while. Then I got a P200 MMX in 96? 97? Had my Voodoo2 and my Riva TNT2 M64, and life was good (well, I could play my Glide-only games).

Then there was the P2 300. Then the P3 500. Then the 1.4Ghz Athlon. Then my current Snookums in my sig.

09-19-03, 10:05 AM
Here's my little list:

Dec. 1991: Hyundai 286-12 wih 640k RAM, 40mb HD, and 256k ATI gfx... later upgraded it to 1mb RAM and an 8x6 capable Oak vga card for Win 3.1 (which I got the first week it was released :) )

That pc got me by for 4 years actually... I enjoyed dos gaming LOTS... Towards the end I used my dad's 486-33 for Doom and Rise of the Triad though...

In early 96 I bought a VLB 486 mobo, and almost got the rest of the components, but never finished it... It woulda been nice to have in the early win95 days... cuz I was gonna throw 32mb RAM, a 486DX4/120 and a VLB ET4000 in there... oh well...

I didn't own another pc for a long time... I used lots but owned nothing...

So in 2k I got a generic Super Socket7 mobo with integrated gfx (SiS), 64mb RAM, 10gb HD... poopy... Ran it with a K6/2 300...

Within 6 months I got a different SS7 mobo (supportive of 100mhzfsb), a K6-2 500, and a 128 stick o pc100... Still integrated gfx, but I logged many an hour of Quake2 in DX mode...

After a few months of that setup, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I scored me a Duron 600 (did 900) and a Gigabyte GA-7ZMMH (km133, similar to kt133a) in Nov. 2k1... integrated gfx AGAIN!! (Savage4)... so for about a month I was limited to only playing Quake3, only in 16bit mode... bleh...

Then the "pc on tv" bug bit me and I got a GF2MX400 for that setup... upped to 256mb RAM, and ditched the Duron 600 for a 950.

...April 2k2 rolled around and I had to have DDR, so I got a Gigabyte GA-7VTXE+ (kt266a, I'm so glad I didn't get just a kt266 ;) ), a Tbird 1.33, and a GF3 ti200... a 256 stick of Samsung did RAM duties... I couldn't oc that setup barely at all though... in august I traded up on vidcards and got a 128mb ti4200... dang, a year ago, my setup was decently quick... in Oct 2k2, pelly sold me an XP1600, and that setup stayed the same till march '03, when I added a 1700 tbred, a KR7A-133, some samsung pc2700, a couple GF3's, an FX5200 (sold it quick), another 40gb HD, an all in wonder 8500dv, and other stuff to my arsenal... and things got mixed up a little... The gigabyte turned into my home theatre PC (which now has a hot XP2400 in it... meh :-l ), and has the all in wonder card... and sits in my entertainment enter... the KR7A-133R has the XP1700 and samsung DDR, and the GF3... it's my high FSB system which basically runs like an XP2700 @ 333fsb/ti4200... heh heh heh... performance that at least *I* am happy with...

The future? Bartons, PC3200, and some sorta nvidia card that would be a step up from a 4200... but I'll need decent Halo and D3 perf... yep that's right folks... I wanna keep my kt266a's until a 512k cache chip running @ 2.4ghz @ 180 fsb is declared to be *slow*...

09-19-03, 05:09 PM
Here's the short list of my personal pcs. CPUs and platforms/chipsets listed when I can remember em.

Compaq 486 dx2 - 66mhz, back when we just called ram, well "ram."
Micron 166 w mmx (ooo, ahhhh) EDO
P II - 350 on 440bx SDRAM
PIII - 550 on 440bx and i815e (Abit SH6, gotta love it) SDRAM
PIII - 800 cm on i815e SDRAM
HP Omnibook 6000, PIII - 800 mobile SDRAM
Athlon XP 1800 paly on kt266a DDR (believe ragejg, best via chipset I've ever worked with)
Athlon XP 1800 paly on Nforce 2 DDR

09-19-03, 07:10 PM
1.) Compaq Presario 9548 (P100, 16MB, 1.6GB HDD, later upgraded to 48MB RAM)
2.) PIII 600E, Delta MP2-BX-X (Intel 440BX) 384MB SDRAM, 30GB & 10GB HDD, etc. etc.
3.) See sig for details.

Short, yes. :D

09-21-03, 01:36 AM
Hehe, computer history time...

Apple ][c, 1.1mhz, 128k RAM no HDD 1984
PC IBM XT clone 8mhz, 640k RAM 40mb HDD 1989
PC 386sx 16 1mb RAM 100mb HDD 1991(?)
PC 486sx 20 4mb RAM 100mb HDD (upg to 40mhz later) 1992(?)
PC P3-450 128mb, Geforce2mx 10gb HDD 1999
PC Athlon 1.2ghz, 256mb DDR, 40gb HDD Geforce3ti200 2002
PC AthlonXP 2100+, 512mb DDR, GeforceFX5800, 120gb HDD 2003

09-21-03, 04:23 AM
When I was at school, my folks bought a 286, didnt know anything about pcs back then :p

I didnt get my own pcs until I was working and moved to London.

Intel Celeron 433
TNT 16mb
64mb sdram
7.5 Fijitsu HDD
17inch CRT monitor

It was with pc that my pc gaming started, and my first online MP game bieng RogueSpear.

Then after feeling the need to upgrade to a bigger better pc, and seeing the AMDs new Athlon cpus being the best I got the following.

AMD Athon SlotA 700MHz
256mb sdram
Hercules GeforceDDR 32mb
27Gb Maxtor HDD
SBLive 1024
Cambridge SoundWorks 4.1 speakers
Iiyama VM Pro 19inch CRT monitor

After that, its just been upgrades when I can, to my current pc in my sig.

09-21-03, 08:09 AM
8086 (I think, it's that XT turbo thing) 8Mhz, CGA

laeping :D

P120 Voodoo2
AthlonXP1600+ GF4200Ti

09-26-03, 07:48 PM
you want a good laugh....here is mine:

1) bought a "webtv" system in 1998...does this count?..lol
2) IMAC 333mhz....yes i wasted 1200.00 and realized PC'S was the only way to go.
3)dell demension 4100 1.0ghz/pentium 3/geforce 3 ti500....now i got a little smarter....gave this computer to wife and this brings us to #4
4)dell demension 8200 pentium 4 2.26ghz/geforce 4 ti4600...now i at least have something that can handle almost any game out there to my satisfaction.

5) taking my demension 8200(above) and upgrading it to a 3.06ghz and using the "A09 special bios" to enable hyper threading. and then adding an ATI 9800 PRO 128MB video card...this should be good for the next 2 years
6 will probablly be knowledgable enough to build my own killer rig and save alot of money and be able to upgrade as needed..like the "big boys" do

09-26-03, 10:24 PM
Originally posted by cricket
6 will probablly be knowledgable enough to build my own killer rig and save alot of money and be able to upgrade as needed..like the "big boys" do Atta' boy! :D