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06-03-12, 06:20 AM
Hello youse.

Iā??m back. Even better than that, Iā??m back full time as a fully integrated member of Team RPS. That means Iā??ll be here every weekend, delivering all your board game and card game and RPG content. Basically, if itā??s a game, and you need to sit at a table to play it, Iā??ll cover it. Iā??ll write about it, photograph it, film it and show you it. And Iā??ll also do those things with the game.

Itā??s a big responsibility. Where else can a fella speak about board games to OVER TWO MILLION UNIQUE USERS? Nowhere else. Only here. Only on the best games website on the planet. I will make you spend mad money in the months and years ahead. You will hate me for it. You will be penniless. You will have no space left in your house. You will wish death on me.

This week, a catch-up.
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