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09-19-03, 12:00 AM
I have a FX 5200 card that seems not to like me. It starts and runs fine during most application programs in windows, but when it encounters something more graphically demanding (such as a game or even some screen savers), it runs for a while and then puts the monitor to sleep, puts the sound card in a loop and locks the system so I have to shut off power to start it all over again.

I have reduced the refresh down to 60 to no avail.
I reseated RAM.
I updated all my drivers (I couldn't get to the monitor driver, it was greyed out. I assume the detinator drivers take care of that for me?).

PIII 800
256 RAM
Win 2K
Dell P780 monitor

Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks

09-19-03, 12:17 AM
what? an nvidia card with driver issues/ hardware compatibility issues?? NO! only ATI have those problems!!!!


what driver version do you have installed for your AGP/motherboard? have you looked into heat issues? if it doesnt happen at first, then perhaps its heat

09-19-03, 01:11 AM
Hmm, have you confirmed that the problem is specificly with the FX5200? It almost sounds like it's conflicting with something else...
Maybe try disabling your sound card (in the device manager) and making sure that nothing else is running in the background while you're playing a game. Then see if it still happens.

I'd guess that it's a problem related to heat (as Phial said). Maybe temporarly take the side off of your case and have a small fan blow in, if it doesn't shut down when you do that then it's a fairly safe bet it's because of heat buildup. Your issues either sound like a problem with heat or hardware conflict. You may even want to consider trying to exchange it for a new one, it could be defective or something.

Oh, and actually you might want to make sure the fan on the GPU core is running. My friend had a problem with his computer crashing when he tried to play games with his GF3, and when he looked inside the case he found out the GPU fan broke:D

09-19-03, 06:16 AM
I looked at the fan with the side off and it is running. I even made sure the slot below it was open and the cover plate is off to increase airflow a little. I will run it to failure with the side off and see what happens. I will also try using an old card over the weekend to see if that changes things. Thanks.

09-19-03, 07:12 AM
This sounds more like the infinite loop problem. Most times that can be solved with a video driver update. If not, you might want to check your power supply. The card could be sucking more juice than the PSU can provide.

09-20-03, 07:14 PM
OK, we might have something with the power supply.

The Dell XPS B800r (my computer) came with a 200W power supply. Any way to test this to see if it is the problem short of installing a new power supply?