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06-05-12, 10:00 AM

I‚??m only just curling myself out of the tiny ball of rage I‚??d become due to missing out on getting to play Firaxis‚?? X-COM reboot the other week. Instead, we sent Adam (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/05/23/hands-on-xcom-enemy-unknown-part-2/). Adam! He‚??s famous for saying stuff like ‚??aliens are for losers‚?? and ‚??turn-based combat is a dusty relic of a bygone age‚?? and ‚??I wouldn‚??t be caught dead in a Skyranger‚??, then he starts body-popping and singing Flo Rida songs.

I take some small measure of comfort from the following end of the world-themed and rather splendid E3 trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which you may yourself watch below. It‚??s impressively dramatic and explosive, in a way that I can only presume will be somewhat at odds with the slower-paced, turn-based combat of the real thing, but more excitingly it shows a Cyberdisc transforming, some sort of new alien that might be made of crystallised light, a Chrysalid in action, hints at some sort of psychic powers for soldiers and a glimpse of a very pissed-off Muton trapped in an alien containment tank. I likey.
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