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06-07-12, 06:50 AM
Much like the news that your house is being¬*repossessed after a particularly brutal bout of identity theft, Watch Dogs came out of nowhere. Hot on the heels of a Ubisoft press conference that could charitably be described as ‚??at least probably not offensive to some¬*breeds of orangutan,‚?? Watch Dogs (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/06/05/watch-dogs-ubi-does-cyberpunk-open-world/#more-110796) mopped up that particular mess and then some. Main character Pearce hacked everything from cell phones to traffic lights as naturally as most of us draw breath. He stalked, he talked, and then, well, he shot some dudes. Lots of them, actually.

So Ubisoft‚??s spilled quite a gooey glob of GTA into our Deus Ex, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Do we really need a rather large helping of lead to spice up our near-future cyberpunk intrigue? I spoke with producer Dominic Guay about that concern, Jedi hacker powers, how discovering someone‚??s sexual history can lead to a side mission, and more. Hack your way past the break to read on. Or just click on it like a normal person.

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