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09-19-03, 02:05 PM
After playing Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance on the PS2, I've been needing a D&D multiplay, hack n' slash fix for a while.

Well, my copy of D&D Heroes for the Xbox just got dropped off by the FedEx fairy from EB along with an actual D&D fantasy novel (not Forgotten Realms or any of that, but an actual D&D book).

Haven't played it yet, but I will post some first impressions later today. For now, I'm off to play it with the g/f. After all, it was one of her b-day presents to me. My. Girlfriend. Rules.

09-19-03, 10:56 PM
Cool, any impressions would be appreciated. Apperently there's a few caching issues with it (like it will occasionally skip a few frames as your walking while it accesses the Harddrive), but it still sounds pretty fun. Me and my friends had a blast playing games like Armada and BG:DA, so if this game is like that it would be great for our occasional LAN/Console parties.

You're pretty lucky though, I sure wish I had a girlfriend that bought me games. Actually...I just wish I had a girlfriend...

09-19-03, 11:17 PM
Originally posted by Edge
You're pretty lucky though, I sure wish I had a girlfriend that bought me games. Actually...I just wish I had a girlfriend...
I bet 97% of the people at this forum will agree with that sentence... :D

09-20-03, 12:32 AM
Man, I cant wait to play that game. I havent played Dark Alliance either! Jeez.

09-20-03, 12:35 AM
Well, after playing it a while I have to say, this is a pretty damn fun game.

The controls are take a bit of getting used to, but they aren't hard, and once I got used to them I thought that they were very well thought out. Three of the four thumb buttons (red yellow green blue) are customizable on the fly between thrown weapons, or bows, spells, and special attacks. Left thumb stick controls movement, right controls camera angle and zoom. Left trigger is block (very handy) and hold the right trigger to bring up the button customization menu. White button s healing potions, black is mana (or what they call magical will).

The graphics are a LOT like BG: DA (and frankly that's not a bad thing at all). The leveling system is pretty much the same as well.

There are 4 characters to choose from, fighter, cleric, wizard, and rogue. All have their own abilities and such (as you would expect), and that brings us to where this game really shines.


I imagine that playing this game single player would be fun, but I don't plan on doing it. This is definately a game where you want to get 2 or 3 of your friends over and do some D&D head-busting. The multiplayer just player rocks (no split-screen!). BG: DA was awesome and all with 2 players, but man, 4 players is a blast.

Quite simply, we need more games like this. This is definitely worth checking out sometime. Rent it, buy it, whatever, just make sure you have some friends over when you do. You'll have a much better time.

(I just noticed, it says on the disk itself: Best Played Together. I'm not gonna argue. :D )

09-20-03, 07:18 PM
Just wanted to add one more thing.

This game is much harder than Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, but not frustratingly hard. It's a good workout for the ol' brainpan, and quite enjoyable in it's difficulty.

09-20-03, 07:37 PM
Thanks for the info man.. I'm really looking forward to picking up this game. :)

09-20-03, 08:26 PM
Just remembered something else I wanted to add in response to the game slowdowns.

The game does slowdown sometimes, but it's for just a few frames here and there, and it doesn't happen very often. So it's not a pain at all, I hardly notice it most of the time.

One thing it does, where the slowdown is very noticable is when you access the button configuration menu during play (part of the on-the-fly button config I mentioned before for switching between spells, items and such) the slowdown is immense there. However, it is supposed to be that way. Sounds crazy right? Not at all, it slows the game down so you have time to look through your stuff during a fight, and not worry about getting your head caved in while doing it. :) Pretty cool huh? Even cooler, if you don't like the slo-mo feature, you can turn it off in the options.

I like to think of it like Bullet-time(tm) for D&D. . .or in this case, Arrow-time. :D It's kinda cool watching a slow-motion arrow fly across the screen and plant itself in a creature's ass (yes, this happened last night while playing with my girlfriend....the troll she hit didn't like it too much).