View Full Version : ISS 3 - Stay Away

09-19-03, 03:28 PM
If you are a soccer game addict then I advice you to stay well clear of Konami's ISS3 which is a port from PS2 version. Whereas the PS2 versions of Konami's ISS and winning 11 series are fantastic....the pc version plain right sucks. Its stuck at 640 by 480...no matter what, no options to chane the resolution etc....its basically aweful at that res. Wait for Fifa 2004! :p

Watsed good money on it as I was excited about a Konami PC Soccer game...damnit...get CHampinionship Manager4...damn that really is addictive...been playing Champ Manager series since CM93 came out 10 years ago


09-20-03, 11:19 AM
:D :D lol muya...
but yeah ISS3 in terms of gfx sucks..it was a bad port. But ISS is not a port of PES
its the arcade version of PES. I did buy it when it came out last april and although it was miles away from PES or FIFA series i did quite enjoy it...maybe cause i was very dissapointed with FIFA 2003.

But good times are coming FIFA 2004 which looks pretty sweet and PES3:cool: yeahhhhhhhhhhh!! PES3 are coming to PC