View Full Version : ASUS VE278Q Driver

06-09-12, 01:29 AM
Does anyone happen to have a copy of the Windows 7 driver for this monitor? ASUS' website isn't providing a download for it.

Johnny C
06-09-12, 07:53 AM
Mine is only installed as "generic PnP monitor"

06-09-12, 08:02 PM
Thanks, man. I guess it didn't come with one either. I guess I'm just used to having a driver for a monitor.

Johnny C
06-11-12, 08:12 AM

I was completely unable to locate a driver for this monitor. I looks in all the usual places. Asus has a downloads section for it but no driver/os selection.

I'm guessing no driver is available :(

06-11-12, 07:45 PM
I looked as well trying to be a hero and I came up with zero.

06-12-12, 01:04 AM
I didn't look and I came up with zero. So don't feel bad mullet.