View Full Version : In game resolutions with AA and AF turned all the way up on FX5600 Ultra

09-20-03, 01:32 AM
I have a FX 5600Ultra and play UT2003 with AA on 4 and AF on 8 and am wondering does these make a difference with Resolution higher than 1024 768 or should i turn these items off when running at 1280 960 or 1600 1200.

AMD 2600
1 Gig Ram
Asus a7V333
240 Gigs HD
PNY 5600 Ultra 128

09-20-03, 02:05 AM
AF should always be on , but AA on 1600x1200 not needed IMO

09-20-03, 02:27 AM
2xAA with 1600x1200 would be perfect.

09-20-03, 03:03 AM
My 17" monitor doesn't even support 1600x1200.


the point, it all depends on the size of the monitor.

09-20-03, 03:52 AM
The higher the resolution, the less you'll notice AA. I'd recommend using 2x AA at 1024x768 (maybe 4xAA if your framerate is still pretty good) and 1280x1024. At 1600x1200, it gets harder to notice the effects of AA (though my eyes can pick it up so if you're the same you might want to try running at 2x AA and see if you get very playable framerates). Anisotropic might as well always be on, for the image boost it's worth the fairly small performence hit.

Oh, but just remember that AA is not a *replacement* for higher resolution, AA and resolution are 2 very different things that have different effects. But usually the higher the resolution, the less you notice AA; and the lower the resolution, the more important AA is.

09-20-03, 07:41 AM
On my 17" I usually do it like this (AF 16x is always on)

1024x768 (and below) -> 4xAA almost always
1152x864 -> 2xAA is often good enough for me
1280x1024 -> 2xAA or no AA

The visual impact of AA gets smaller the higher resolution you run at of course, but on a 19" 1280x1024 with no AA would of course appear 'uglier' than the same resolution on a 17" since each pixel are a bit larger on the larger monitor.

Edit: BTW, this is on my 9700pro

09-20-03, 07:54 AM
It also depends on what games you're playing. If you want to play some older games, you can use 4x AA and higher at resolutions like 1280x1024. Games like HL2 might choke on those settings, but they should work just fine on Quake 3, UT and racing games like Rallisport Challenge.

09-20-03, 04:36 PM
Thanks for the advise but i noticed in the forums that the FX cards are crap with new games like UT and even HL2 so maybe i'l wait for the next gen cards to come out and maybe get one that will run the new games at the highest resolutions with AA and AF turned up.