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09-20-03, 04:24 AM
Don'd be too scared by the length of this post.. its just a weird problem.

I was wondering if any of you had a solution or understanding on my unusual problem.

I bought a Leadtek A250 Ti4400 128mb of a mate who had gone through 3 of the same card(rich bastard) to get this one which overclocks to 305/705 with standard heatsink(pluss a bit or arctic silver), it has been overclocked most of its life and its best run at 3dMark2001SE was about 13500, no slouch by my terms.

The problem...
one night i left it on and all the case fans on full.. my drug influenced mate was trying to sleep in the comp room and thought it was too loud, so instead of turning the machine off.. he turns all the case fans down. the machine is left on for 8 hours with no cooling and overclockd to a reasonable rate and i get to find it hung. i restart, no probs there, i goto run a game(cs) and after 2 seconds..crash blue screen u know the drill.
now i reboot and there is green and red artifacts everywhere and characters are wrong.. eg. wen i boot to safe mode instead of cddrv.dll or something it says "C:\Wifdows\Cdass.dl&".. its pretty stuffed..

The Fix...
after about 2 weeks of using the old gf3 i try it again.. flashing bios different drivers etc.. and then i download the latest(at the time) Leadtek drivers from their site.. no luck.. still stuffed, then i uninstalled them(with NVcleaner also) an booted to safe mode.. no artifacts, they were still in BIOS but not in safe mode. so some how i though wot if i install those leadtek drivers from a fresh install of XP, so i did..

i dont have a clue how but after trying 100 different drivers these ones work.. they only ones that work(42.01) no other driver works and if i install ANY other driver be it the latest leadtek driver.. anything bang it crashes and colored artifacts everywhere even in bios.

even uninstalled those drivers then installed 42.01 still dont work.. some how i find out if i install 40.72 then 42.01 it works perfectly...

but for some reason it does crash sometimes and i have to do the driver reinstall trick again.

personally i think its a hardware problem and maybe the 42.01 drivers dont address the stuffed part of the card most of the time so it dont stuff up.

i would like to know how to fix it because i cant run anything but XP with 42.01 and im sick of damn 60Hz in games, i used to use 30.82 + NVrefreshfix 1.0 and was good.

sorry about the length but u really need the whole story to unserstand the problem.

have a good one.. Ben

09-21-03, 12:07 PM
If most of the drivers once worked and now dont it may be a system file problem. All those new drivers should work. Do a clean install of XP, if that doesnt work which I doubt, your card has been on life support since that night your bud turned off all the case fans.

09-21-03, 07:14 PM
it does it in any pc i put it into and it dont work in the mobo that the incident happend in, i had to buy a new mobo. was cheaper than a new gf4 :), so its ont a windows problem.