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06-11-12, 01:20 PM

Peter Molyneux is excited. It‚??s early in the morning of E3‚?≤s notoriously draining day two, but it certainly doesn‚??t show. The god of god games seems energized and animated ‚?? reinvigorated, even. Admittedly, this is a man who ‚?? in the past ‚?? has been known to become lightheaded at the prospect of hyper-realistic videogame acorns, but there‚??s substance¬*behind the passion this time around. After years of being caught up in triple-A content churn, Molyneux‚??s finally doing everything his way. His team, his project, and ‚?? perhaps most importantly ‚?? his wildest ideas.

Will they even stick, though? Can his 22 seemingly abstract experiments (http://www.22cans.com/) be fun? Should they be? Will this gigantic cannonball into the deep end of gaming‚??s least charted waters even make any money? For now, these questions couldn‚??t be further from Molyneux‚??s mind. In his own words, he‚??s ‚??just experimenting,‚?? and ‚?? while many of his former colleagues continue to stick to game development‚??s straight-and-narrow ‚?? he has no idea what he‚??ll find. So, near the ruins of what appeared to be a truly formidable breakfast, he and I chatted about that.

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